Saturday, June 04, 2005

saturday nite is alright

abby is spending some alone time right now. eating some strawberries and reading Q magazine. megan eley's american friends are in town and some people are going to tooting for a party tonight, but i'd much rather stay in. i feel like i've been working at the bar a lot and not doing anything much else. i have a long list of things involving school, money, and future job hunts to do. maybe i'll look into that a bit tonight. first though, is an update to the blog.

our group finished our calendar. doesn't look exactly how we imagined it, but we are all pretty satisfied. maybe i'll send one to a lucky person in janesville and one to dunn bros. that way you can all have a gander at it.

my last three months are approaching. this means that i've got some serious work to do. i'm confident i'll have a proper freak out soon.

along with that final three months comes the question that i am really REALLY getting annoyed with hearing: what are you going to do when you're done. now, you see, i remember that question when i graduated from college. what i ended up doing then was hanging around minneapolis and continuing my work all of the time at numerous jobs thing. which wasn't really all that bad, but now i just can't do that. i really do need to figure something out this time.

one of my goals for coming to school in london was to stay in london. now i have to decide if that is what i really want to do. and it's just that much more difficult because, to my unexpected surprise, i have something over here i guess you could call the toby-factor. and yes, i'm thrilled to bits about it, but i just never thought i'd be put in a position where i am actually thinking about someone else while i'm making an important life decision. and to be honest with ya, i'm not sure i know how to do that.

it's almost like because i know someone wants me to stay here, it makes me feel like i shouldn't. i have no freaking idea why this is and i really dislike that i'm thinking that way, but...

hmmm. bit of a long post here. just stuff i'm mulling over i guess. any suggestions for me from y'all would be appreciated. :)

back to my strawberries and magazine reading to get the mind off of other matters.

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