Friday, November 11, 2005

temping is kinda like poo


i'm doing a variety of things right now. that's thanks to being a temp. doesn't mean that i get to work all of the time, but i'm learning to appreciate all of the different types of jobs that people do. for instance. tuesday and wednesday, i spent my time down at the blain's farm and fleet warehouse #5. this warehouse is a bit different than the rest because it's fairly new. not many people work down there, in fact, on wednesday after lunch, there were only 3 of us in the entire place. very quiet. but i like it that way. give me a task, leave me alone and let me get to it. my task was sku number stickers on around 11,000 utility knives and placing them back in their boxes and stackin' 'em up again. this took a two full days.

i know now that i can do something that boring, but i really don't like it. let's hope i won't have to do that again.

today i signed up with a second employment agency. we'll see what comes from that.


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what the f*** kind of a comment is that. that person is obviously a 'shower bag'.

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