Monday, January 16, 2006

back in london

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i'm back in london, england. first, i thought i'd post a few pictures from toby's american adventure.
toby really, REALLY wanted a hot dog. for some reason, he thinks these are very american things to eat. maybe so. they are in a lot of movies anyway. we didnt' go for the streetside variety, but instead went to the doghouse in janesville. any type of hot dog you could imagine there. what did we get? a corndog for me and a basic ketchup hotdog for toby.

another adorable picture of toby:
another thing we had on our american "to do" list was to go find a typical diner type place. there was talk of going to the truckstop just outside of janesville. you know, the one with all of the guns on the wall...well, we didn't get a chance, but before we left chicago we found this place. it was perfect.

we did pancakes a lot while he was here. made two trips down to the ihop (international house of pancakes for those of you not in the know). pigs in a blanket was the choice breakfast.

let's see...a couple more pictures. random ones that filled the memory of toby's camera.
why are they tied to the tree? i mean, was someone afraid they would be stolen? it's mary and joseph! how pathetic does someone have to be to steal them. maybe they're trying to make some sort of political statement. boo to that.

this is just good fun. who wouldn't want a fiesta in their mouths?

and finally, a nice time out at the bar with lisa, cheripaul (as toby loves to call her now), megan, and i. the pub crawl didn't get as howdy as thought, but heck, i still had a great time. and we found out that toby likes the lite american beer. someone is going to have to send some over. miller or bud lite is preferred :)

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