Tuesday, January 17, 2006

shocker: i'm easily annoyed

so, this post was going to be about my frustrations so far, but i took a walk and am feeling a bit better about things.
i think i'm just feeling frustrated really easily because
1. i'm not here for school. this means that i don't get the feeling that i can slack off whenever i want to (you know what i mean, it's the nicest day in weeks and you feel that it's okay to skip class type of thing), also it means that i don't have the same type of funds that i did during the school days. no more student loans to lean back on.
and 2. i don't have a job and i can't work. i can still look for jobs and stuff, but it's a little annoying that i'm not entirely sure i can apply because i don't know when exactly i can start working.

there you go. i get very easily miffed.

yesterday, toby and i went to go get a second set of keys for the flat. there are two of us living here, so obviously we both need keys, right? the landlord told us to go to this estate agent and they'd have an extra set for us, but they didn't, so now we have to go get a second set cut. meaning that we have to pay for it. what is rent for anyway? i really feel like this is an expense that the landlord needs to take care of but there you go. apparently that isn't how things like that work around here. something i need to get used to.

then today i went to the doctor's to sign up with a gp. there was someone at the reception desk, so i waited a little ways behind him. you can't just stand right up against the guy, right? so, i'm waiting patiently and this other lady comes in and what does she do? just goes right up between me and the guy at the reception. how in the hell did she not see me? it was OBVIOUS!! that i was waiting in line. i mean, she was practically touching the guy in front of her. i just stood there annoyed because that sort of thing happens all of the time and i had nothing else to do today, so i waited. finally, i get up to the desk and tell the lady that i've moved to the area and want to sign up. see asks where i live and if i have a letter that confirms my address. i figured something like that would happen, so i told her that my fiance has the mail come to us in his name, but this will be changed soon. anyway, it went on like that for a few moments and finally i just repeated what she said to confirm that that was all i would need to bring in the next time i was there. she said "yeah" and immediately looked away and started talking to her colleague while i stood there waiting for some sort of polite response. you know a social signal that the conversation ended correctly. but nope. people are really frickin' short and rude and annoying around here. GRRRR...

anyway, i thought i'd take a walk to make myself feel better. and it helped. i found a little wine/bar type place with wireless called 'the elgin'. i think i might check it out next week. get a little sloshed and do a little typing. who knows what'll come out.

also, we'll be picking up toby's digital camera this weekend so i'll be able to take some pics of the neighborhood. there is this great house on the corner that is super skinny and tall and call 12 1/2 or something like that. really odd.

till then.

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