Saturday, January 21, 2006

Snooker and Russians

Greetings you lovely people.

Today started out beaUtifully. Toby and I took a walk around Regent's Park and down to Baker St. and back. Lots of comments on the fancy cars (and the noises they make...examples: Mercedes Mclaren SLR (Toby got excited when he saw this one), Bentley Contential GT (x)5 and a very cool Aston Martin DB9 etc...) He's still mentioning cars that we saw, but I think you get the picture: there a lot of nice cars in the area.

The park itself is really nice and because it was such a blue sky sort of day, there were a lot of people walking about with their dogs and small child people. Naturally, there were loads of people to comment about. We also think we've found the American ambassador's home. It looks very fancy and there's an American flag out on their property. So it's either that or some weird rich person that really likes America.

When we got back to our flat we made some lunch and sat on our little couch (which there will someday be a picture of up here on the blog, I know you're all excited). We've been watching snooker and playing on the internet ever since. It's now 5 o'clock and getting dark outside. Among the things we've been looking at on the web....mail order russian brides and a website for "bored people who type st. john's wood into google". Both have been entertaining. Let me know if you want the link for the russians.

Hope your saturday was as nice as ours! :)

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