Saturday, January 28, 2006

bargains and guitars


Toby likes guitars as much as he likes bowling in wisconsin, so today we went looking at guitars around tottenham court rd. there's an area around there know as "tin pan alley", mainly denmark st. area, and there are loads of music shops there. he liked a few, played a couple, and i looked at the pretty guitars while he did so. apparently, i have a thing for gretsch guitars. they're so pretty.

anyway, after that we headed over to the portabello market. we almost got ourselves a free ride on the bus, but there was a checky-person thingy there, so we had to use our cards before he gave us fines. we got these card things called 'oyster cards'. so, we're walking around the market and i make the comment of how it feels like we should be on bargain hunt. you guys know the show, right? sometimes they show it on the good old PBS. they've got two teams looking for antique treasures and then they take it off to auction and see how well they do. a very short amount of time goes by and what do we see? the blue team with a camera crew! really! we eventually found the red team too. all very exciting. here's a bit about bargain hunt for you to enjoy!

so that was our saturday. very nice in my opinion.

keep well.

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