Tuesday, January 31, 2006

with a little help from my friends

i'm feeling a bit frustrated. i'd really like to work my blog a bit more, but i just can't get these to work. meaning, i want my links to work and my pictures to go up correctly. i look at the help bits and think i'm doing everything right and then the internet goes out or something like that. i just can't get it to work.

toby's away tonight and it the first time i've spent an evening in the flat by myself. i watched a show on bbc2 about illegal chinese immigrants. the aliens they were filming seemed to live down in 'the gate' and the elephant and castle. just like i did. i thought it was a bit odd to see the old neighborhood in a show like this just because, well, the area is really more populated with africans and jamicians. i never noticed a chinese population in the area. the show talked a lot about how necessary it is for them to come to england to make money for their families. the only jobs they can find here are selling illegal dvd's on the streets. i know that life is tough for them and they are just looking for ways to make money, but it really bothers me that they are selling these dvds. i could care less that they are taking money away from the big studios and all that, but in the end it screws with me because then ticket prices go up and i'll never get to see a movie in a cinema again. did you follow my logic there? it's hidden, but it's there.

now i'm on to a cooking show called 'the hairy bikers cookbook.' much better.

tomorrow, i'm heading to time warner to begin learning about my new job.

keep well.

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