Wednesday, February 01, 2006

d'oh, what?

this isn't what i was going to write about, but as it just happened to spark my interest i will.

i'm watching countdown and that chick carol does on to explain to everyone what 'doughnut' means in america. and she ain't talking about that lovely treat that homer and the cops are known to eat. SHE says that 'doughnut' refers to when people wave hello and say 'hi ma' when they are in the background of a live news broadcast. i'm american. i've never heard of this before in my life. am i just slow on the pickup or is this a real term that people use?

now. what i was going to write about was just to let you know what interesting little streets i've been down today. i'm trying to be ultra-cheap and only take as little public transport as i can. this means that i walk. A LOT. during my journey from the strand to brick lane, i passed down 'poultry street' and 'frying pan alley' and also a great looking pub on the tiniest of streets called 'grapeshots'.

isn't london quaint?

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