Monday, March 06, 2006

alright then...some of those posts now

hi again,

got a bit of time on my hands, so i'll post up a few more pictures. i have a feeling if i played with photoshop i'd love it, BUT i think it's a bit wrong to mess with pictures that way. maybe not wrong, but it's something i don't want to do...i don't think people should rely on it that is. anyway, these are just a few snapshots we've taken lately to go along with some posts i wanted to write. this will be the short version of everything.

first up...pancake day. british pancakes are more like crepes. toby did an american/british version. a little bit light and a little bit thick buttermilk. the typical toppings for pancakes? lemon juice and sugar. i know! where's the maple syrup?? toby did manage to find me some 'canadian maple syrup'. quite tasty.



and what's that? ANOTHER brown couch? yep. we got a new sofa that's way more comfortable than the other one (which we've kept for guests :) also...notice the rug. check us out with our domestic furnishings.

a shout out to cheripaul



does my hair look red to you? i recently acquired 'fringe' or bangs. toby though this would be a nice picture. well done, my dear toby.

and finally....i had to take one of toby if he took one of me!


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love the bangs