Saturday, March 11, 2006

one month

i was just thinking the other day....yes the blog's still abby jo dennis, but yes, i have changed my name. it's official/unofficial. meaning that i've been using it at work and stuff, but i haven't changed my passport or my bank details yet and i still have a minnesota (i never even changed it back to wisconsin) drivers license. it's all a matter of getting around to dealing with it.

a quick hello to mr. charlie hobart. thanks for the comments! always a pleasure to know someone's reading. i hope you're doing well despite your hectic life. i can't wait to hear your opinions of the english ladies when you make a trip across the pond.

as for the title of this post, toby and i have now been married for a whole month! and people said it wouldn't last. i'll admit, we've had our disagreements (why did you have to buy another video game?), but the majority of the time things have been really great and smiley. we enjoy the really boring things like grocery shopping on a friday night (there's hardly anyone around!) and putting toothpaste on one another toothbrushes. i don't really know if it feels different to be "married" but knowing that he'll be around for awhile makes me feel great. so, yea! for toby :)

now....down here you'll see a lovely photo of some mold. this particular mold can be found above our tv in the corner of our living room. this flat is a haven for mold, i just don't understand. anyway, i thought we have a fun game of "watch the mold grow". this picture is from....i think the 3rd of march. be on the lookout for more mold pics......!!


keep well y'all,


Kimberly Jo said...

howdy Abs! At the risk of sounding totally and completely out of the loop... what IS your last name now? You'll always be a Jo to me, though.
P.S. I have NEWS for you about Tonya Harding!!

abby said...

marshall....just like eninem :) i'm hip now.
and tonya harding??? what what??, i have to know!