Monday, March 20, 2006

Conclusion: I'm just not a healthy person

i'm ill again. this time, it's more of a cough along with the congested sinuses, but still, i'm not well. so i took off of work today and went to the doctor. he asks what's wrong and then checks my ears, my throat and my breathing. all clear he says. ALL CLEAR?? then why, i ask, am i coughing up dark green ickiness? oh, well you must have some sort of viral thing. that's going around right now. you let me know if it hasn't stopped by the end of the week. sooooooOOOOOOO frustrating to be told you're fine when you don't feel it. i've come to the conclusion that i'm just basically an unhealthly person who is suspectible to whatever sort of thing is "going around".

when i cam home from the doctor i called up work (which i've forgotten the reception number for, i couldn't call my boss because he's in norway today and tomorrow). once i finally got through i found out that basically the whole design department is out sick too. i sit next to them. so, obviously something IS going round. any suggestions for a nice multivitamin i should be taking? i've been eating up oranges and stuff....anyway. that's the lovely news from here.

friday was nice though. toby wanted to take me out for my birthday a little early, so we went out after work. he had a nice suprise for me. some friends were at the big chill (a bar near brick lane i've been saying we should go to at some point) waiting to have a drink with us. that was very nice and then we went out for a curry on brick lane. i've discovered that when people here say "go for a curry" they actually just mean...go eat some indian food. you walk down brick lane and hope for the best deal. there are always men outside the restaurants saying they'll give you a 10% 20% discount, first drinks free!...etc..etc...finally you get sick of wondering what the deals are and you go wherever you feel...normally NOT getting the best discount, but there you go :)

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