Friday, March 24, 2006

Living in the City

Living in a city where I use public transportation can be great but a little crappy at times.

Today is an example where I just wanted to get in my car and make a Target run. Instead I did something I've never done before. I grabbed my big ol' travelling backpack (you know the one, the huge motherload you where you carry everything on your back) and I hopped on the bus and headed to Sainsbury's to buy groceries. Toby wasn't able to go with because he a little unable to move about at the moment and we really needed some groceries. I stuck the bag in the shopping cart and went to it. I thought people would think this was a little odd, but I didn't get any weird looks. People don't always use a car to get around here, so I guess it's exceptable. Anyay, I spent more than we ever have before and packed up the pack. It was SOOO heavy. The backpack really helped and now we aren't stuck with a bunch of plastic bags. Yea! Still need a Target run though....

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