Monday, March 27, 2006

Poor sport

being forced to watch curling everyday for two weeks, i was happy to see the olympics end. unfortunately, england is involved in something called the commonwealth games. this event takes place every four years and is exactly like the olympics except only countries that are in the commonwealth compete. this allows the crap countries to have a chance at winning medals. i know that sounds horrible of me to say, but i got SOOO sick of turning on one of our five channels and having to watch these events. it got really boring, that is until sunday when they showed the closing ceremony. that was the coolest thing ever. the games were held in melbourne and so the ceremony celebrated famous people from the area. dame edna being one of them. she sang a song about melbourne and there were about 100 people dressed up as her dancing around and then they all formed the classic dame edna glasses. it was pretty darn cool.


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Risa said...

God Damn I stop checking your blog for two months and you go and get married! Jesus! CONGRATULATION! I'm so happy for you both I hope you're lovin it! Email me sometime!

kim said...

hey... free porn! what a deal! are you going to contact his AIM SN? How could you not!
Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi. Hope you are feeling better!
-the jo-ster with the most-er

Charlie Hobart said...

"I liked my life better before I realized Dame Enda was a man!"
-Moe the Bartender