Sunday, May 14, 2006

still lazy

well, i'm still feeling lazy. seems like whenever i get on this darn internet, i get lazy. today's excuse is also because i did my first yoga class today and i'm feeling achy. muscles hurt. it seems that every damn pose in yoga involves having both of your arms held out from the sides of your body. well, i haven't the strength to keep my arms up for an hour. i guess it'll do me good though.

i have another picture for you (the all inclusive you of the internet). our hood has a lot of people that can somehow manage to buy fancy cars. we see the nicest cars daily. there are even 2 yellow lambourghi(es?) parked in the valet parking lot area of an apartment building around here. a lot of these people care about the environment too and so, as this picture will show...they buy two cars. it's just the funniest thing...


these GWIZ cars are even SMALLER (ha, that's funny, small but it's in caps) than smart cars. TOBY COMMENT! I just wanted to emphasise the virtual contradiction in terms here. This family has bought a gwiz car to be kind to the environment (they are electric) and parked it up next to their Ferrari, that does about 8 miles to the gallon. How environmentally friendly.

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Pete said...

Maybe this family uses the Gwiz to get to the Ferrari.

"Geeves, bring the Qwiz around, won't you? I'd like to go for a drive . . . in the Ferrari".