Wednesday, May 17, 2006


i just forgot the lovely things i was going to post about. i hate when that happens.

i did something really fun at work today. we published a book that we've now found out to be plagarized and so all copies were taken back and pulped. well, someone gave me 4 copies that were in the office today and i was told to destroy them. what fun! i took to it with a scapel and a skissors :) i quite like books, but i really enjoyed cutting them up.

toby's off to luton for band practice tonight. he's sacrificing the watching of the championship league final. it proves his committment to the band. i, on the other hand, will be going to see the film transamerica at the swiss cottage cinema. i've been wanting to see it for awhile and this is a good chance. i'm not going to promise that i'll let you know how it is because i probably won't. but i'll say now that should probably go see it because it is probably a good movie.

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