Monday, June 12, 2006

how rumours get started...

when i came into work today, there were an abnormal amount of police around. everyone kept looking out the windows wondering what was going on. first, it was a crime scene. then i heard that a woman fell out the window, but no, this happened awhile back (if it did). next, i hear that there must be royalty staying at the savoy. i should have mentioned, the savoy is next to where i work. anyway....after all this, i find out the isralei prime minister is staying there for a couple of days. now that answers the questions. why are there concrete blockades? why is there a police checkpoint with lots of armed police scattered about? why is there a white tent with really fancy black cars underneath it. a lot of money is being spent to make sure no one gets to this guy. not to mention how much 2 nights at the savoy cost.

the world cup is here. i watched 6 games this weekend (well, i closed my eyes occasionally....) the states lost their first game to the czechs today (3-0). the football is EVERYWHERE. it's already starting to get to me. there's just too much football. when i came out of the tube after work today i saw that the sign normally used to tell how the underground service is, was instead being used to show the scores.

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