Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tonight's viewing

watching celebrity x-factor tonight. once again, i have no idea who the celebs are. the problem with this version (apart from bad singing, but having to put up with it because they're celebs) is that simon doesn't bother to be that mean. it's really annoying. everyone knows these people don't have great voices, so there's no point.

work was really a let down today. i feel like i have no responsibilties at all. i'm bored. i still feel like i don't fit in. i hardly talk with anyone and when i do, i feel like an idiot. i decided to listen to pandora today. pandora is great. it's like a radio but better because you don't have to listen to adverts and you can skip crap songs (if you get them) and you still get to hear new music. it's lovely, so check in to it.

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Charlie Hobart said...

Abby, you should check out HBO's Big Love. It's coming to the UK this month!