Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the disco dudes and the mayor

judge dredd's on tv right now. quality film, don't you think? the other day they had on demolition man. now that's a movie i love. taco bell is mentioned throughout and i like the taco bell, though i haven't had it for awhile. i think it's stallone week or something.


last weekend we had another saturday. in the morning we cheered on our friend, linda, during her race for the cure. toby took a picture as she went by, but the the darn digital camera had a "memorystick error". now, you wouldnt' get that with a normal camera would you? oh well.

then we headed over to the rise festival in finsbury park. it's a festival against racism. so, of course there were carnival rides and overpriced food. free entry though and if we would have put some thought into it, we would have brought a blanket, food, and beer of our own. lots of others did (so there was trash everywhere as we left). the main stage had varied acts. the duke spirit were good. i'd like to hear them in a club or something, as the sound system at this place wasn't the greatest. sway was next. some crap rapper who shouted things like "hey london say yeah, etc, etc..." then common, another rapper, but apparently this one spoke the "truth" as the presenter told us. then graham coxon formerly of blur. i wasn't impressed. later on in the evening the wailers, as in bob marley and the wailers were going to come on, but we left right after one of coxon's songs.

the highlights of the day. there was an open-top doubledecker with a guy rockin' out on the turntable. a crowd of people waited around for some breakdancing. i was a-hoping for a dance off, but, alas, no one was served.
turntable bus

then we saw two old guys all dressed up for no particular reason. clearly wearing wigs and everything. i just HAD to get a picture and not just a shy, let's quickly get a picture of them and run away, but instead i walked right up to them and got in on the action.
me and the disco guys

the other highlight involves the mayor of london, ken livingston, and no pictures. we were waiting in line at the ice cream van and toby points to my immediate left. ken's standing there wiping a very grassy popsicle on his shorts. one of the two little kids he was with must have dropped it. i just thought that was absolutely wonderful. then later on, ken was back onstage introducing graham coxon and saying how great he thought graham was. well, he must not of thought he was too great. remember how i said we left after the first coxon song? we headed to the tube station right after and who do we see? ken and the kids again! weird, huh? i thought we lost him for a bit when we changed trains, but nope, he followed us right on to the jubilee. and that was the last we saw of ken for the day. still a bit odd though to never see the mayor of london and he's right there following you.

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Charlie Hobart said...

Great pics, Abby. Those dudes look pretty cool.