Saturday, July 08, 2006

last saturday or was it the other saturday?

so, i'm finally writing about last saturday, although i think it is actually the saturday before last saturday. anyway...

it started out with a nice walk around hampstead.
hampstead 1
hampstead 2
we walked around kenwood house which has a lot of lovely painting and, to my surprise, a rembrandt self-portrait. it's not even in glass or anything you can just walk right on up and touch it, though we didn't. toby did touch the velvet-like carpet wall though!

then we got hungry and needed a hot dog. so we wandered on over to soho to try and find bodeans. a bbq restaurant that has BIG hotdogs.
when you need a hotdog

there was a lot of activity in soho. we weren't postive what was going on, but by the time we got to regent's street we had it figured out. gay pride parade! it just puts a smile on the face :)
gay pride 2
gay pride 1

then we headed back home for the england quarter final match. well, we all know how that went. i suggested we go do some kiteflying to cheer the tobe up.
kiteboy returns
in the sky
my pretty red skirt
and aren't those the dirtiest shoes you've ever seen? they used to be red. crazy


Rowena said...

i did make it :-) thanks

Anonymous said...

Yo Abs! That's a good pic of you. You need to put more pictures of you and the Tobster on the blog...(-;

Anonymous said...

oh- i didn't want to register with blogger - so that comment was from me - britni