Sunday, October 29, 2006

Movie of the Evening

this is some cult-ish cool movie, right? well, we're watching it now and i'm really confused. i kinda of understand what's going on, but i don't get why. i'm still trying to figure out where it's set. it said LA, but it looks like tokyo or something.

harrison ford looks so young.

i made some pineapple upside-down cake again today. and we bought a pumpkin. tonight, some cake eating and tomorrow. some pumpkin (wake up, time to die...anyone know if that's a guns'n'roses lyric?) carving.


Toby said...

I know it's a G'n'R lyric and I did tell you it was at the time - its from 'Welcome to the Jungle'. It appears someone was paying more attention to cake eating and blog posting to listen.

abby said...

i thought you just "thought" it was a gnr lyric, so i "thought" i'd ask around.


Charlie Hobart said...

Oooh...trouble in paradise, eh?