Tuesday, October 31, 2006


guess which is toby's and which is mine....

i'm surprised with the number of kids we saw out trick-or-treating. i think it has something to do with the above-average wealth of the neighborhood. and the high number of people that hold american passports around here. i was really happy to see it. witches are the most popular costume that i saw. though there was a little spider-man.

we saw all of these trick-or-treaters on a jog. yup. we've gone 3 days in a row. and no. it isn't getting easier, it's actually making me hate running even more. good thing we've got stuff to do tomorrow and thursday. and you can't go running on friday. it's friday afterall.


Michelle Janisch said...

You are running!!!!! Way to go Abs!


Toby said...

I would say its moaning, with some running on the side.