Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Very Happy Moment

i've been in the british library after-hours.

not only have i been in the great british library when it was nearly empty BUT
i've sat in a room, next to my husband, and listened to roger moore read (among other things) The Female Species by ruyard kipling.

now that's something i never though about when i sat in my high school english classes reading poems out of a book.

little, brown (the place i work) published Catching Life by the Throat. a book with poems from 8 great poets and why you should read them. the idea for the book came from the joesphine hart poetry hour at the british library. for one hour an actor will read poems to you. it's pretty cool. toby and i were lucky enough to join about 100 other folks to hear the reading and then attend a party. and because i find it weird that i was in the same room, i have to mention that bob geldof was there too. he's read some poems in the past.

and just so everyone knows....roger moore touched toby's arm.

yep. that was pretty darn cool.

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Anne! said...

Your life is really fabulous. You know that, right? No. Really. I mean it.