Monday, November 13, 2006

your typical sunday afternoon

i know this isn't the most flattering looking picture of a meal, but i think it shows how tasty it was. i made a roast dinner on sunday. complete with stuffing, parsnips, carrots, potatoes (i did my best to roast them), and broccoli. it was all in preparation for the big turkey i'm cooking the day after thanksgiving. i think i'll do OK.

on sunday, i also discovered a way to listen to the packers play on the radio. i was really excited about this because it reminded me of home. there's just something about listening to the packer game being interrupted every minute or so by a car dealership commercial that reminds me of home.

to make our autumn sunday complete, we took a walk in the woods up in hampstead heath. it really is nice out there. i took a lot of unnecessary shots of the trees. i like trees. they're so twisty and lovely. we also saw a lot of nice dogs. give us a couple of years and we'll have a little bulldog named george. oh yes, it'll happen. no matter how practically i think about it, we will have an english bulldog. he will slobber and love us silly.

1 comment:

Charlie Hobart said...

Man, I miss London!

Sounds like a fun Sunday, Abs. If you ever get an English Bulldog, consider naming him "Charlie" after your old Yank friend back home...!