Wednesday, November 15, 2006

chewy makes the day brighter

i was very grumpy this morning. i didn't want to wake up and shower and go to work.

i was being crabby and hating london. i didn't want to go to the doctor's this afternoon (even though it meant the afternoon off work). the doctor's "surgeries" aren't like the states. i didn't want to get on the tube. it would be crowded and there would be smelly people. i wanted a car to drive. i was really just annoyed with everything and wanted to go back to bed.

then i left embankment station and headed through the gardens to work. that's when i smiled and my mood lifted. i didn't care about all of the grumpy things, instead i said hello to chewbacca who gave me a friendly growl. now, i don't know why he was there growling at people at 9 in the morning, but i'm glad he was because it made me happy to be in london again.

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