Monday, January 01, 2007

another year...

last year toby and i found ourselves in minneapolis. we enjoyed the company of friends and toby learned how american's drink beer. a great evening.

this year we booked a nice meal out at the restaurant, Terra. the london dining website said it was a mediterran restaurant with a romantic feel. maybe so, but for new year's it was all decked out with christmas decorations, a disco light, and some thumping tunes. our perfectly fabulous spanish waiter had a diamante belt buckle. we had a very good time! afterwards we went to parsons green in west london for a party in a pub. toby's friend and all his kiwi relatives were there. everyone was friendly and a good time, but i'm definately getting old. it is so hard to talk with new people when it's loud and you just don't know what to say.

lots to come this year and i think we made a fine start today. we woke up late, flew a kite, had a mcdonald's, and spent the evening alphabetizing our cd collection. a step in the right direction i think. one more day until all is back to normal and we've got to go to work. january is such a long month for work, but i'm going to try to enjoy it a bit more and not stress about it as much.

no, really i am!

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