Saturday, January 06, 2007

another new year, 2007 this time...

aHA! a moment of internet clarity. everything seems to be working fine and there isn't any slowness. there isn't anything worse than slow internet. i'd rather have nothing at all, then waiting for what seem like hours, for one single page to load. one single page that you didn't really want to look at anyway, it was just that you were bored.

i have a photo from the current new year's eve that i'd like to put up. it's one of the better pictures of toby and i! you'll notice i'm wearing an orange number. said number is a dress i purchased in a complete "i don't care, i want it, so i'm going to buy it" second. i rarely do this and felt immediately guilty after i left the shop, but i couldn't do anything about it because they had a no cash return policy; i'd have to get a credit in the store and get something else. sure, i could buy a lot of something elses in that shop, but why bother when i wanted the one thing?

NY 2007

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Sonja said...

The dress is definitely worth it. I just bought boots that I would call "the perfect boots" and I feel completely guilty (I haven't had a paycheck in three weeks, but it's coming on Friday)Whatever, they are perfect