Monday, January 22, 2007

We did it again!

We went in search of buffalo the other weekend, but didn't find any. We DID find some "wild beef" and thought that would be pretty darn close. It tasted different, but was still one tasty, meaty burger!

Speaking of makes me think of teeth. And the pain in my tooth. It is finally time for me to go to a dentist in England. What finally made me so desparate that I was willing to go to the dentist? I drank some lukewarm milky tea and I felt a LOT of pain in my tooth. That's just not right, so, I sucked it up and called around to find a dentist today and I now have an appointment on Feb 6th at 9.30 in the morning. I'm very, very worried about this because I KNOW there is something wrong and it's not going to be a comforting setting and it's going to hurt. I'm a grown up and I should be good about the whole thing, but all I want to do is whinnnneee.

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