Saturday, January 27, 2007

Woohoo! Saturday Night! Party Time!

It's 6.08 pm on a Saturday night and Toby's laid out on the couch watching football and drinking an earl grey to sooth my headache. I think it's been a long day...have no energy to do anything else.

Our rent will definately be going up soon, so we're on a quest to find a one bedroom flat in London for less than £200 a week. Let me tell you, this is an impossible mission. We either need to leave London or suck it up and leave in a studio. Or let our landlord push us around and pay the extra rent. I don't want to do that. So, if everyone can send positive flat-renting vibes our way, that'd be much much appreciated.

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Charlie Hobart said...

Living in a studio wouldn't be so bad...maybe you can get creative and put up curtains to dissect the room. Just say in London, whatever you do!

Easy for me to say, huh?