Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our habits.

Our Weekly Shop
Toby and I are very much creatures of habit.

We like to go grocery shopping on Friday or Saturday nights. The aisles are clear. There are fewer children (if any) running around. And then, Sunday doesn’t come around and force you to go because you don’t have food for the rest of the week. Sundays are the worse day to go shopping. The store closes early, so people are frantically running around to “pick up a few things”. The shelves are never stocked. The veggies and fruit (if there are any) are soft and look icky. Not healthy.

We take three bags with us. A grey shopping trolley we bought with part of a Habitat gift voucher from Britni; a German shopping bag with a picture of a turtle and a frog kissing inside of a rainbow circle, and a Birmingham newspaper recycling bag that has a number 64 on it. We inherited it from Toby’s gran. Our grocery store (a big supermarket called Sainsbury’s) doesn’t give the “paper or plastic” option. We would certainly take paper if we could.

When we come home (Toby carries the trolley and I take the other two bags), we pile everything up on the kitchen table. Toby puts it away and I put the bags away.

This happens every time we go grocery shopping. It’s a nice habit.

By the by, we bought tickets to see Modest Mouse at the Royal Albert Hall. Toby’s excited because Johnny Marr’s in the band now. I’m excited because I’ll finally set foot in the Royal Albert Hall.

and, and, and to make this post really long, here's how we're planning our stateside trip in 2 months!! any advice can be given here....

may24 arrive
25 janesville
26 janesville/wedding
27 hit the road spend night in toronto?
28 niagara falls
29 ny state
30 nyc
31 nyc
june 1st DC
2 DC
3 cape charles/virginia beach
4 v. beach
5 head back to midwest
6 indiana
7 indiana
8 janesville/minneapolis
9 minneapolis
10 janesville
11 janesville
12 fly out


Anonymous said...

Well, I understand, I live in Italy and its not just hard to go shopping on sunday! its impossible as everything is closed. I am from Minneapolis...So I suggest you go to the WAlker art center their and also the new Guthrie is opened. And go to the New Chambers hotel for a drink. Minny sucks, so at least in these places you will feel a bit of glamour

abby said...

oh, but i love mpls, which is why we're heading back! i haven't seen the new guthrie though, so we'll have to check it out.

love italy too though. i bet you have to go shopping everyday there...though i wouldn't mind as everything's so fresh.

bradyphrenia said...

hi there. i wrote a horribly vague tutorial on how i did the felted bag, since you seemed interested in how it was done.

Charlie Hobart said...


Thanks for the book! I got it yesteray in the mail...a wonderful surprise, indeed!!