Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the weather and stuff....

Things are shaping up just as I expected them to….the weather has been crap for days. Grey, cold, windy, and just on the verge of rain (except on Monday when it most definitely rained). We leave for our holiday in about two weeks. You know when this crap weather is going stop? Yep, May 24th. The day we leave. And then the weather will turn sour in the states. I just know it.

Why oh why do I have to be so darn pessimistic about things? Of course, I hope this isn’t how it turns out. What I love would be, slightly warm (78F), sunny skies. I’ll take a cloud or two. And I don’t mind a rain shower here or there. So, positive thinking folks.,…send all of your positive thoughts Toby and I’s way please!

I did a very production-y publishing thing today at work. I reduced (and then increased) a page size. Yep, that was pretty cool. And to add a bit of glamour to the job…we received a press release from Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon’s going to have another biography (why does someone need two autobiographies in 2 years? I don’t even have one…probably never will!) published at the end of this year and Ozzy’s going to take a bit more time to work on his book. He wants it to be the best it can be and so, has decided to take a bit more time to write it. …..right…. Anyway, you heard it here first.

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