Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Grand Adventure

The grand adventure is complete. We did, indeed, do America.

3, 702 miles
$519 in gas (actually, thought we did well with that)
14 states and 2 countries (we spent a night in Canada)

Somehow, we managed to do everything on our list and see nearly all of the people that are important to us.

Rather than drop a bucketload of photos on you, I’ll put a few up every week (or try to…) and share some stories. I haven’t got my film developed yet, so more photos will follow, but if you want to take a look at them all (because you are very bored and need distraction) go to… sorry, you'll have to cut and paste that it!

Thanks to all of you (especially Britni, Lindsey, Megan, and my mom) for making our trip so freaking FANtastic!!

Love, abs and toby


Charlie Hobart said...

Great glad you guys were able to make it to the cities.

We hope to see you soon...and definitely during the week after Xmas!

abby said...

we're looking forward to that trip! let us know what we can help you with on your plans!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abs and Toby,

I checked out all your photos. I love them:) I am so glad that Craig and I could see you on your trip over here. We miss you!


Carisa said...

Look at how long your hair is! If you went anywhere near Seattle and didn't visit I'm going to be SO mad at you! Can't wait to see the pics!