Friday, June 22, 2007

A bit of DC

In an attempt to get all of our holiday photos online, I've come to a coffeeshop down Finchley Road. It's called Tiki. Isn't bad, they do try to make it just coffee related, but it still doesn't have that cozy feel I'm after.

I picked up all of our film pictures today and then left the CDs at home, so those will have to go up later. Do we really have that many pictures? Yes, yes we do. We went to a lot of places you know!

I thought I could put up a few pictures every now and then, but I don't plan to do them in any order. Let's just call this trip highlights.

And this is one of my favorites. While DC wasn't the beautiful city I imagined it to be, the Lincoln Memorial definately lived up to my expectations. It's huge and calm and quiet (despite the kiddies running around). I wish we had had the chance to see it at night, but our time was limited and the weather was hot and I'm sure we were crabby. Our mini tourguide, Lindsey, mentioned a little American Sign Language history, though I'm sorry to say i can't remember the whole story. What I do remember is that it is said that either the builder or the designer of the memorial was deaf and so, in order to recognize the Deaf community, Lincoln is signing the letters A and L.

Us and Lincoln


Shaun from Janesville said...

Hello Abby -

Cheri passed along your blog address, so I thought I'd drop in to see the results from your whirlwind trip. You took some great pics!

Hope you both enjoyed yourselves, and glad you made it back safely. Take care!

Charlie Hobart said...


GREAT new avatar! Very unique and cool, with wonderful color composition as well. Terrific!

abby said...

Thanks Charlie!

and Shaun...woohoo for stopping by! I've got even more photos up now, so when the Lab gets you down, take a look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abs and Toby,

This is Michelle here, being that I don't believe I mentioned that in my last comment. I really like this pic of you and Toby. You guys are adorable. Great pic of both of you. Wish you could be here with us, we are going boating tomorrow with Lisa and would have loved your company.

Michelle and Craig