Saturday, June 30, 2007

City Life is a Big Poo.

Sometimes city-life really ticks me off. Mainly when I’m walking down a ridiculously crowded street like Oxford Street. I’m fine for a little while thinking: be calm, think 2 steps ahead and around these people, it’s OK. Then I start the verbal assaults in my head and eventually I’m just shoving pass people with force and wanting to scream.

It just gets so frustrating when you know your destination and want to get there, but there are all of these idiotic people walking around and then stopping and then walking and then looking around like a bunch dumb cows.

I know, I know. Take the less crowded streets or use the tube and bus. In London? Yeah right. The less crowded streets take just as long because they are so windy, that you’ll end up further away then you thought. Sometimes they just stop and then you’ll have to go back the other way anyhow. And the tube? Just as crowded and hot and expensive. The bus? So slow I could crawl faster.


Maybe I just need to control my anger a bit better. Maybe I should just stay off the streets.

Maybe I should just eat some ice cream and cheer the heck up. (Which is what Toby would tell me to do….smart boy.)

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