Wednesday, August 08, 2007

weekend fun

The weather over the weekend was incredible. Not a single cloud in the sky. We did our best to spend all weekend outdoors. Saturday we strolled through hampstead heath…laid out and had a nice lunch. The picture is a result of being way too excited about the sun and not thinking safety first. Luckily, toby had his shoulder a bit taped up, so we had an accurate measuring stick of just how burned he was….

zebra boy

Sigh. We are getting closer and closer to our big moving day (Sat 25th). We have a van hired for the weekend and I’m bringing boxes home from work. Did you know that the perfect-size-packing-box is a box that books are loaded up in? Thank goodness I work at a publishing company and have access to so many of these perfect-size-packing-boxes!!

Right, back to eastenders, Patrick may have just died! He’s off to the hospital! Whodidit?!


Charlie Hobart said...

That white boy got BURNED!!

Joey said...

yeah, that looks pretty painful!! Aloe vera, my friend. Lots of aloe vera!