Wednesday, October 03, 2007

busy bee

i just put some apple cider in the microwave. i left it a bit too long and now i have solid chunks of apple in my mug. how strange is that?

i've been a pretty busy girl over the weekend. toby and i did a lot of things that needed to get done. like i went to the yarn shop and bought some yarn and we watched a football match in a pub. ate at pedro's again. you know, the important stuff!

we also went to the b&q (which is like not menards, but that other place. you know, there is one next to rainbow in the quarry...what's it called...i hate when that happens). anyway. we went to the b&q and bought some dirt/compost and some plants for me to plant the windowboxes. see my handiwork below. i've gotta say that i'm pretty pleased with myself. i hope that they grow all big and bushy so they will show from the street.
windowbox heather
windowbox evergreen
windowbox  berries

i ALSO got a very important book in the mail last week. it's the "life in the uk" book that i have to study (chapters 2-6). basically, anyone wishing to become a uk citizen or intending to become a fulltime/permanent resident must take this 24 mutlichoice test. i have to get 18 right and it costs money each time i take the test. i HAVE to pass this test or will not be able to get another visa, which as you can understand, i HAVE to have. the pressure is on a bit. the test is on oct 27th. wish me lots of luck.

right. i better go start that studying!
my test book


Anonymous said...

I like those window boxes, well done!

good luck with the text too.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your studies.

Bear in mind that the Home Office maintains a high level of secrecy about the actual test questions. The questions that you receive in your test are not printed in the official text book.

I found it useful to take some multiple choice practice tests from this website.

abby said...

i bet you anything i take that test more than once. thanks for the luck!

and i remembered the shop name today! home depot! how ever could i forget?

Mike said...

I'll take that bet. I bet you one pipe that you take that test once and only once.

nicole said...

i'm confused. even though you're married to a uk citizen you can still get sent back to the u.s.? i don't know much about these kinds of things.

i love the windowboxes!

abby said...

hey nicole,

if i didn't get another visa (and pass the test first) then i wouldn't be able to work. i think i could hide out in the country though. live on the lam and whatnot.