Sunday, October 14, 2007



i've mentioned this cafe before....pedros. it sits about 2 mintues down the road from our home. it's never empty, but it's never too full for us to find a table. often, pedros is full of old men. when we went stopped by yesterday, there was a lovely man in a thick sweater and a tweed coat enjoying his boiled potato meal. on the day we had the breakfast shown in the picture, we saw a santa claus looking man parking his bike outside. he wore suspenders.

normally we'd just have tea with our breakfast, but the tea is seriously hot. like, so hot that we don't attempt to drink it until after we've had our food. so, we've taken to ordering a bottle of orange juice.

a pint of orange juice rather. isn't it cute? toby says that his family used to have their milk delivered in pints like that. how quaint. another reason to LOVE pedros.


Anonymous said...

Love the new look you've given the top of your blog. Pedros sounds great too!

fernanskaia said...

that juice makes me want to go over to pedros to have my breakfast!!

it's so lovely!!