Monday, October 22, 2007

the new look

okay, i got my haircut on friday. a salon near brick lane called "taylor taylor". i was super-duper excited about the experience it was supposed to be. it was not the experience that i wanted. this picture was taken a day after. my hair had settled down a lot and i was able to make a bit of a swooop on the bangs. when i walked out of the salon, i swear i had julianne moore hair from the big lebowski. i swear. that or the hair of a monk without the bald spot in the middle.

my new hair


Anonymous said...

I think the hair is lovely, although the expression on your face looks a bit's probably Toby's fault.


Toby said...

that it was

Charlie Hobart said...

Oh man, I loved Julianne Moore in that movie.

Then again, I seem to love her in every movie, especially "Boogie Nights" and "Short Cuts," for obvious reasons!