Monday, October 29, 2007

sweet procrastination

i had a lot of plans for tonight.

i wanted to finish sewing the felt to the baby hat. i wanted to get going on my scarf. i wanted to do some cleaning. it's getting desperately untidy around here. i mean, you can see a layer of grime on the floor and the shower. sigh...the real cleaning, not just picking the clothes off the floor or washing the dishes, but scrubbing.

instead i was tempted to a free movie. a co-worker won 2 tickets to In Memory of Me (it was an italian film, so that's the english name). it was a film at the London Film Fest and the director was going to be there. how could i say no?

well, it wasn't completely free. i ended up spending £6.50 on a bottle of water and a "small" popcorn. seriously, cinemas don't know what small is. EVERYTHING is getting so expensive. i dont' know how i missed it. a slice of pizza in leicester square is no longer £1 a piece. oh no friends, we're talking £2!! and last wednesday toby and i went to see a film (ratatouille). we went on 2 for 1 orange wednesday. do you know how much one ticket was?

£9.90! can you believe it? who are they kidding? just make it £10 if you're going to do that!!

In Memory of Me....well, i don't think i'd recommend it. not that it'll probably be in cinema near you soon. it was supposed to be a spiritual thriller. a man's quest for religion and himself. before the film started, the director came out to say a little something. he certainly said little. he told us to be would reveal itself. i was patient. i didn't know what was going on, but i waited. i thought, boy, this is long, but i was patient because i knew there was going to be an answer at the end. and a question too. but you know what? there was nothing. as soon as it ended, i turned to viki and said "i think i missed something" she said i didn't. we didn't stick around for the Q&A with the director. i mean, yes, maybe he would have revealed it for us, but really....if we couldn't figure it out for ourselves, why did it matter? the film didn't speak to us and i wasn't going to force it. just because a film is in a film fest, doesn't mean it is good.

ps. i passed my test!!! bring on the visa application!!


Anonymous said...

well done passing the test, we all knew you would :)

Elizabeth said...

Way to go Abs! You'll be a brit in no time!