Friday, November 16, 2007

beauty of a bike.

what have i been so preoccupied with lately that darn it, i just can't find time to write a little post?

my bicycle! well, not really. i mean, i've been lazy and it's been cold and i just didn't feel like sitting down to write anything, but i realize that others might be bored and hoping that there's something up here, so here i am.

a couple of weekends ago toby and i went down to a little workshop in farringdon where bobbin bicycles ( have their shop. it's isn't really a shop yet, but they have plans for a showroom soon. so, we went down there to do a test ride on their lovely looking bikes. this dude with an apron (a manly bicycling type apron) comes out with a beautiful!! black bicycle. i immediately loved it. it was huge and swoopy and had big headlight on the front.

and a bell folks, it had a bell.

so i rode around the block as toby chatted away with the dude. this bike was mega-huge and i felt a little wobbly and uncomfortable on it, but i also felt like queen of the road. i wanted to say, hey! check me out on this cool bicycle!!

but because it was so big, we thought i should try the smaller model. he brought it out and my heart sunk. this was no beautiful bicycle. i mean, it looked okay, but it had a big logo on the side and the handlebars weren't smooth, they were more mountain-biky. and there was no back brake pedal like the other one. basically it just wasnt' classy enough for me, you know?

so, i looked at toby and he grinned away stupidly at me and i know in his head he was saying getitgetigetityouhavetogetit!!! , and even though i hemmed and hawwed and worried about randomly spending a bunch of money, we bought it and rode it away that day.

i've only been for a ride twice really, but it's so darn cold outside and this bike isnt' made for speed. it's slow and means i'll have to stay out in the cold longer, so not a lot of riding going on. but wait until this summer. my baby's going to have a big beautiful wicker basket on the front and it's going to be filled with lots of picnic food.

oh, a couple of other things about the bike. 1. it's heavy. i mean, really heavy. i can't carry it up or down the stairs and toby even struggles a bit. it's worth it though. 2. it's dutch. this is a straightup dutch bike. bobbing imports them from holland and then puts 'em together and sometimes tweaks stuff and there you go. 3. i want to name it, so if you've any suggestions let me know. i'm thinking something like ethel or ida.

my new bicycle!!!

happy trails!


MeeMa Knows Best said...

A few names to consider could be Saddie, Ruby (although that's not its color), Veruca and/or Sebastian.

Congrats on you new mate. I just got a new bike this season and it still gives me butterflies.

Alice said...

Ooo bike envy. I live just *too* far from work (and via lots of hills) to warrant it. But have been really loving the idea of cycling recently.

Re: the comment you left on my blog. Knitting on planes - this article says it all.

Officially you can now knit on most airlines, it's only really Gatwick and Heathrow that have a problem with needles.

Bring bamboo dpns for socks and don't ask (just put them in your bag to be scanned) and I very much doubt anyone will complain. I still innocently put addi circs through Heathrow this summer and had no problem.

Nail cutters as scissors and a plastic darning needle help too.

Elizabeth said...

I think she looks like a Beatrice or Alice to me. It looks like the kind of bicycle Alice from the Brady Bunch would ride.

Tivona said...

Well said.