Saturday, December 01, 2007

quick one.

this is a quick one to say that thanksgiving was most excellent. it had everything i, home, family, friends, food, SNOW, dairy queen. it was very, very wonderful.

i'm slowly putting my pictures up and i think we're just about settled back into london life.

we had a bit of a rocky start back. toby took a spill on his bike (a car forced him to, don't worry, he's okay, but was a bit funny that day) and his bike is a bit out of commission until he gets a new wheel. we discovered that we had a new mouse friend in our home. i found out that i can't register for a doctor until i show them my passport, which i had to mail out earlier that day to get my name changed (nothing is EVER simple for me in this country. it's tough being an alien).

but, like i said, things are settling. toby's got some very exciting news, which he'll tell us all about soon. he's currently taking pictures.

a few of my favorite people

we miss y'all already.

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Anonymous said...

Is Toby pregnant?

- c ;)