Thursday, December 06, 2007

toby's rocking it italian, 80s style

you know what wisconsin needs?

a wagamama's. seriously. it's a new kind of food that is simple and good. japanese nooodle food -- it's the new mexican really. i just got home from a nice dinner with sam. we both had some edadame (sp?) beans and the chicken katsu curry (71 for those in the know). toby got that last time and i really had wished i had, so i didn't even have to think when i got the menu. i feel so full now.

i'm also listening to a band called Letters, Letters which is pretty cool, interesting music. instead of popping the tv on as soon as i got in, i popped on the music. smart decision.

so, toby's surprise. well, i guess he's too busy to let us all know, but i can't wait any longer.

toby is indeed giving a bicycle. yup, he's building a bike from scratch and is currently busy making lots of lists of potential christmas presents.

the other weekend we went bricklane bikes ( because i'm too lazy to turn this into a link right now) and we met a VERY helpful nice chick named feya, who not only wrote down an entire list of parts needed, but was willingly to sort of explain the process of building a bike. we left the shop with one 80s italian bike frame. white and purple. let's just say it's going to be a pretty awesome site once toby's through with it. the make is lissignoli, which i've been tying to find some information about on the internet, but having a really hard time. if anyone knows anything, please let me know. (and a little sidenote, there are lots of non-chain bicycle shops popping up in london lately. i think a few people might need to take a trip and visit them HINT HINT)

the start

toby's taken more pictures and i don't know if he'd think this accurately showed the coolness, but i think it does the job nicely.

in the meantime, i've got to get back to my music-listening, knitting, reading, washing dishes and making lunches evening....


Anonymous said...

this is excellente (i'm rocking it spanish style).

as soon as mike gets that damn passport...

Mike said...

Very cool. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished bike.

I did a search for Lissignoli bicycle and your blog was the first hit so it looks like you're the world's foremost authority of Lissignoli bikes.

Now I want to build a bike.

What's a passport?