Monday, December 24, 2007

year end wait, that's work and i dont' have to work today!

mince pie and coffee treats
it's christmas eve and i'm enjoying a nice work free monday morning. it's time for me to catch up on all of those emails sitting in my hotmail inbox. (thank goodness the internet is working!).

my darling toby has to work today. poor guy. when we went to the states, we used up a lot of our holiday and then he started a new job mid-year, so he didn't have any extra days left. i think he's secretly going to like being at work by himself rocking out to deep purple. i'm going to go by and have lunch with him and try to convince him to leave early. (ha! i knew it. the boy just called and is indeed enjoying a little deep purple and is dancing around the office as i type!)

when i think about what's happened this year, i tend to shrug my shoulders and think "not much". but i suppose that really isn't true. i think that's why i like having my flickr account. i can look back at the year and remember why it was so special.

here are my happy highlights from last year's christmas tree:
Twinkle Time

1. visiting the states for 3 WHOLE WEEKS! that really was an incredible time. strangely enough, too short.
2. moving...even though we don't have the lovely walks to the hill anymore, i really do like our new home in cricklewood. and toby's pretty pleased to have a special "bike room"
3. we saw prince. and it was a purple-tastic time.
4.i knit my first sock AND i finally finished knitting that dang sweater for my mom after something like 5 years.
5. staying in a caravan for a weekend and not getting killed.

to this year's christmas tree

toby and the tree

of course, lots more happened this year and even the little everyday things were great. i'm really thankful that my life is filled with so much goodness.

merry christmas!

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