Friday, December 28, 2007

year winds down, projects start up

toby and the new toe clips
it's started. toby received lots bike related goods for his bike project and he's eager to start the build. as i type, he's in the back room messing around with a headset of some sorts. zo and jim are coming round for new year's with more bike goodness for him. i bet this bike is done before feburary.

me, well, i'm trying to drink lots of water in hopes of surpressing some sinus pain, which you may recall the "doctors" say i have no problems with. i'm also knitting away at a match to my hat. toby liked mine so much, he wants one too!
my first stripey hat!

tomorrow we're going to wake up as early as we can (as early as a saturday allows) and head to borough market. the earlier the better with this place as it gets crowded fast. i'm looking forward to a sausage roll breakfast and some cheese samples. i'll try to remember the camera and be one of those people who takes pictures of the dead hares on display. strangely, it's a lovely site.

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Anonymous said...

your knittin' skills have reached the level of your dancin' skills. excellent!

i'm just enjoying a little time off before it's back to work and all the craziness begins. the packers are on in the background and they just played a little Shins. pretty cool.

hope you and toby have a very happy new year! fixie finishing in 2008!