Friday, January 04, 2008

the holiday dust has settled...

it has been the longest 3 day week and i'm very tired. so what do i do, first thing, when i arrive home after a miserable, wet walk from the train? i grab a glass of wine, some breadsticks and turn on the computer. like i haven't been staring at a computer all day at work...

but you see, i have to hurry to play with the internet before toby because he's often on it looking at bike forums and the such. we really should get two airport cards so we can be on the internet at the same time.

our new shoes

anyway. we took our brand new shoes out for a walk last saturday to buy some cheese at borough market. as expected, it wasn't that crowded due to the cold weather and the holiday timing. we got three fancy dancy cheeses. i say fancy dancy because they were quite expensive. we got a extremely strong, smelly brie, a capherphilly (very locally made), and some french cheese called beafort (i think). still have them, so we'll get another saturday snack.

we also purchased a lunch/breakfast wild boar sausage sandwich. yum. yum
wild boar goodness

after that we trotted over to whole food in kensington and ate our way through the store.

no. really. we didnt' buy a single thing. we were actually pleasantly full when we left, after our free samples of pantettone, bread, cherries, pineapple (wow), melon, cheese, guacumole, tortilla chips and i think there may have been some chocolate too. seriously lovely. we've bought stuff in the past, so we felt it was OK to stock up on the samples that day. very highly recommended.

but now, after all of that lovliness of the time off of work, we are back. having to take down the christmas tree and trimmings and pretend that we like january.



CresceNet said...
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Charlie Hobart said...

Nice wiener.