Tuesday, January 15, 2008

at long last

big night in...

tonight i sit on our brand new bed filling out the last bits of my visa form. toby and i have waited a long time for both of these moments. this visa is the last bit i'll need to stay here in england with toby for as long as i want. we shouldn't have any more i'm an american in england type problems...all i will have to do is flash my visa. i better not lose the dang thing. after a year i will be allowed to apply for a british passport. not convinced i want to give more money to the british government yet though.

in other sweet news, our bed has arrived. to toby's calcuations, we've slept on a mattress on the floor for 140 nights. we finally had our bed delivered this sunday and boy were we happy to see it.

we purchased it from www.eatsleeplive.co.uk

all handmade from reclaimed wood. it's a beautiful bed, you just have to be patient about the delivery....

i know we'll be sleeping soundly tonight.

our new bed!!
our new bed!!

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