Monday, May 26, 2008

free rainy days

i hate bank holiday mondays. you wake up with the whole day ahead of you. you could do ANYTHING because you don't need to be at work. and then you look out the window, heck, you don't even need to look out the window because you can hear what it'll look like outside. crap.

really, this should be a great excuse to snuggle inside with tea and coffee and books and yarn, but want you really want to do is be outside and so, you sit indoors and be crabby.

at least we had a lovely saturday. zo and jim invited us down to suffolk with them to stay at jim's mom's house. they all wanted to go bike riding on saturday and though i wasn't feeling the love, i had a pretty good time. we went to bewl lake, technically in kent, and rented mountain bikes. turns out i'm pretty good with mountain bikes. they are very bouncy and once you get going down a hill you can use that to get back up the hill and not have to do anything at all. that's my kind of riding.

to complete the lovely saturday, we watched eurovision (and did a lot of yelling at the tv. russia won and the uk came in last place, well, tied with germany and poland, but the uk was dead last because it starts with a "u" i won't even get into how wrong the voting is because if you watched it you know and if you didn't watch it, i'm not sure you'll want to know because you will be just as frustrated as us), ate a takeaway indian and had lots of bud (or if you're zoe and jim, pear sweet is that stuff!).

one more week of may and then june will arrive with the hope of summer. at least i'll start my summer hours and have those rainy friday afternoons to myself.

a wheelie
zo and jim

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