Sunday, June 29, 2008

plant update.

there is no rhyme or reason to my gardening skills. while one day a plant can look green and leafy:

my indoor garden
the next, it can look like it has lost all hope. so you decide to put it outside, maybe it needs some fresh air, but just continues to curl up.

i just don't know what i'm doing. here is another example. these tomato plants are kept indoors. they are completely green and looking good, but don't seem to suck in the water that quickly. that's okay, i won't water them as much.

these are kept outside. they dry out quicker, so i water them more, but their leaves are starting to brown and they just don't look as perky as the ones inside. what am i doing so differently? how can i keep these guys alive?

these two (marigolds grown from seed! and zucchini plants grown from seed) the moment...doing really, really well. give me a week or a month and i'll kill them, right? why? i just don't get it.

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Elizabeth said...

Plants don't usually like to be suddenly moved from indoors to outdoors. They get used to the amount of light that they get and get upset when you change it on them! Hope all is well.