Thursday, June 26, 2008

watch out world

i now knit mittens. and if you're very lucky, you'll get a pair of your own someday. i take color requests.

kid mitten, lady mitten

i also kill plants. sadly, it's true. i can't bring myself to take a picture of the poor plant while it's dying. i like to remember it all green and leafy.

i'm giving the planting another go. this time, with tomato plants. we have 8 tomato plants scattered about. i expect at least one of them to fruit. i've grown them from little seeds and let me tell you, you'll know when i get a tomato. i'll be so happy i'll probably tell strangers in the street that i've grown a tomato.

here's a picture of my good husband doing housework. he may not clean the floors or the bathroom, but he does laundry like nobody's business.


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