Sunday, June 08, 2008

it was the bike

what a lovely weekend! the weather today was just so beautiful. no complaints.

it was so lovely that we went cycling on saturday AND sunday. we got pretty chilly on saturday, but it was still pretty decent and only started to sprinkle on the way home. we headed out to regent's park and had a sit and read there and then just headed back. sunday we were a bit more adventurous and rode along the canal path and then into the park. i wonder what it would be like to live on a houseboat.

as it turns out, this road bike toby's put together for me is a lot more comfortable than the beautiful dutch bike. it doesn't have the style, but i am able to stand up on it when i cycle up a hill, which helps a lot. i was barely crabby! no, seriously, you can ask toby, i barely complained at all and i came home and was STILL in a pleasant mood.

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Anonymous said...

I find exactly the same thing! I have a Dutch bicycle (from Bobbin in London) and I also have a second-hand Claude Butler road bike from the 60s/70s which my husband has done up for me. When I go out on my Bobbin I'm half-dead by the time I've made it up onto waterloo bridge (which is about 30 seconds from home, but honestly, going uphill at all nearly kills me!). On my Claude Butler I can veritably whizz all the way up to Hampstead and barely break a sweat!! Hurrah for light road bike frames. But they aren't nearly as pretty as Dutch bikes. Which is why clearly everyone needs one of each!

I didnt like the road handlebars on mine (leaning down that far made me feel like my face was about to hit the tarmac!) so I got Tim to switch the bars on mine to regular straight ones, which made me even happier!

Glad you had a happy bike-riding weekend!