Tuesday, September 09, 2008

settling in

settling in


home for as long as they let us (or until they raise the rent, please, please give us more than a year!)

we're just about fully settled into our new flat and let me tell you, this place feels like home. toby and i both feel like we've been here before or something. it is a very nice feeling.

we've had a few trip-ups along the way, but, generally, things are good.

the train ride to work is a bit crowded, but i really enjoy the walk from london bridge to blackfriars in the morning. it reminds me of my daily crossings across the mississippi river during college. this time i walk along the thames twice a day and pass the globe, st.pauls, the tate, etc... i fall in love with the city a little more with each walk.

the toby is a trooper and is still cycling to work. i complained about hills in north london, but south london? holy moly. he's working hard people.

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Charlie Hobart said...

It's good to hear you two are settling in to your new digs. Funny that your walk reminds you of the U!